The List

This is entry numero uno for me, so please critique with kindness. I am new to ‘blogging’, and also new to its readership, so before I begin, allow me to formally introduce myself. I am a twenty one year old Frederictonian; proud BU student, science nerd, ski bum, book worm, chocoholic, dog lover, hyperactive, insomniac, outdoorswomen with a penchant for rap music. And, it will be my pleasure to share with you my experiences (often pertaining to the above character traits) in lovely Lennoxville, Quebec over the next three months.

So it begins…my final semester at Bishop’s University; and along with a great sense of accomplishment and the approach of a bittersweet farewell comes the feeling of worry associated with things left undone. Not in the ‘I left the oven on, and door unlocked’ sense; but the kind you get on the last day of camp when you realize you forgot to sign up for some of those activities you had so wanted to try. So in a last ditch effort to satisfy my every desire while still being based out of the beautiful Eastern Townships, I’ve compiled a “list” of things left to do before I leave this home away from home.

The list, like my wandering imagination, has grown exponentially since pen hit paper, so I’ll spare you the bulk of my wish list, and cut right to the chase. Here are my top ten things to do this semester:

1. Ski the unskiied– As further blogs will soon detail, I LOVE to ski, and there are still a couple mountains in the vicinity I’ve yet to tackle…so look out Owl’s Head, Sutton and Le Massif here I come.

2. Revisit my Res room– I spent my entire first year there, and haven’t set foot in Mackinnon since, so current resident of room 215; prepare for a visitor….and maybe treat me to dewies?

3. Learn to cook a decent meal– The first step is admitting you have a problem….”cereal is not dinner”….there I said it. I promise to turn the oven on this semester.

4. Skating– I’m no Bishop’s Polar Bear, but I do enjoy a weekend skate. This winter I want to venture outside of the rink, and try the 1.3km loop around Sherbrooke’s Lac-des-nations, preferably at night under the lights! And…maybe learn to skate backwards!

5. Restaurants– Who doesn’t love dinner on the town? I’ll admit I have a few favorite spots, but there is many more to try…my next destination…Fondue Folie in Sherbrooke.

6. Squash– A new racquet sport to me, but I’m hooked. Great winter activity and tons of people play….now I just have to get good enough to win a game.

7. Events– There is SO much going on at Bishop’s and it’s so important to get involved, so I plan to attend as many events as possible this term!

8. Visit all of Lennoxville’s stores– Crazy, right? Four years in a town with two main streets and I haven’t frequented its every business….it’s hard to believe. So Patisserie Francais and Public Library; see you both very soon.

9. Float– A Bishop’s right of passage and absolute must for me. Although it is not amenable to the current season, floating down the Massawippi on a cheap, inflatable raft among friends will be in the back of my mind…at least until the ice in the river breaks up.

10. Learn the words to the school song– Terrible, I know. I can memorize chapters of cell biology, but I still find myself mumbling along, come the song’s second verse. Maybe I should dig out my old frosh t-shirt….

My list, though it may seem strange to others, is quite condensed; other lesser items such as take more pictures, and go to bed earlier, were removed along with the unattainable things like joining the Bishop’s Polar Bears, winning spider solitaire on difficult, and still, going to bed earlier. But, let this list be a lesson to you, start now checking off things you’d like to do while you’re here, whether it be your first day at Bishop’s or your last; take advantage of your location, free time and available opportunities. That way, when it comes down to your final semester, you won’t have that, ‘last day of camp’, ‘left the garage door open’ feeling.

Now that the list is compiled…here comes the fun part….checking things off!

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