Then and Now

Hi future Gaiters!

            If you’re reading this as someone considering BU, I’m going to go with my hunch that you’re feeling exactly the way I did three years ago as a busy grade 12 student who had just committed myself to coming to Bishop’s: overwhelmingly excited, but, naturally, blended with a bad case of nerves. If anyone tries to tell you that they weren’t a little worried before coming to university for the first time, don’t believe them: the jitters come with the territory! So that being said, I won’t pretend I can eliminate your nerves. Hopefully what I can do though, is assuage some of your fears with my own story of being a new student at BU, and what it’s like now on the other side, welcoming all of our first years to campus.


 I remember my first few days here in Lennoxville vividly. The day before move-in had been a long one, with 13 or so hours in the car driving up from the East Coast, and then a not-so-great sleep with my parents in Sherbrooke before pulling onto campus- for the first time ever! I hadn’t been lucky enough to come up for a tour of the school, so this was my first in-person experience. It was a beautiful day, the whole town was alive with people dressed head-to-toe in purple, and I remember being impressed with my first view of McGreer (spoiler alert: it looks like Hogwarts).

            From your RA’s, to the administration, to the new friends you’re going to meet living across the hall from you in rez, to all of the enthusiastic upper-years eager to pass on advice and best wishes, everyone you run into as a new student really welcomes you with open arms to this place. The first 24 hours were a blur of getting unpacked and settled, saying goodbyes, and finding my way around, before we hurtled into the incredible Orientation Week organized by the students here. I am not exaggerating when I say that by the second or third day, I was ecstatically happy and my fears were pretty well gone. I was meeting what would turn into great friends from all over the country, being guided by residence assistants and student leaders from all different programs and backgrounds, and getting talked into trying multiple fun clubs. When my classes started later on in the week, I even enjoyed those right from the start, and felt an honest sense of caring from my professors. My best friends from back home couldn’t believe that I had a class with the head of my department, for example, let alone that it had less than 15 people! Within a month, I hardly felt like a new student at all, and, by Christmas, I was calling Bishop’s home without even realizing it.

            Now, with being on the other side of things as a third year, I am grateful to have the chance to be one of those smiling students welcoming newcomers to campus. I had such a positive experience during my first year, that I knew by the end of my own Orientation Week that I wanted to be a part of it myself in the future. The last two years, I’ve been a proud leader of groups of first years and exchange students that I got to watch fall in love with BU, and make friends for life while doing it. I also help out the Recruitment team giving directions to families of new students and helping them with the move-in process. Essentially, I get to watch with the smile of experience that knows that, even though they might be a little bit afraid, all of these new Gaiters are starting the adventure of a lifetime at what I call the best university in the country (when I’m not just calling it home).

            Can’t wait to see some of your faces on Move-In Day 2015! Be more excited than worried!

Raise a Toast,


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  • Erica Zucker
    5 years ago

    Don’t forget that during that fantastic first week you met the girls you would live with for the rest of your degree!!

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