Things I Wish I Knew in First Year, Three Years Later…


Well, let me tell you, seems like just yesterday I began my Bishop’s story.  This vibrant community of learning has turned me into the person I am today. You don’t realize how quickly time flies, but when I think about the past three years, I’m smiling from ear to ear.

Starting university is an exciting time, I know. You’re at the crossover of something new. You have spent the last four years of high school discovering what you’re really passionate about. This passion has finally brought you here to get that university life you always felt you were missing. (Was it ever worth the wait!)

You’re natural instinct to explore will be your catalyst to the experiences that lay in front of you. Not just in the Bishop’s world, but in Quebec, too. Stay open-minded and openhearted to everything that presents itself to you – take chances and always try something new, there’s something to learn in that moment.

In the years that come, you’ll be exposed to so many different potential paths that sometimes it’s difficult to untangle which is the right one for you. You’ll try different things and meet wonderful people along the way. Remember you’ve got a good gut feeling about things, don’t ever second guess yourself.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers, nor can I predict YOUR Bishop’s story, but what the hell, spoiler alert!: I’m going to tell you something. Bishop’s University will not be the answer to all your questions. It will be the place for more questions to all your questions. You’ll come to learn that it isn’t about pursuing a career that will be your reality post-graduation. You will learn what the true meaning of community really means here at Bishop’s. You are going to learn how to learn academically and be apart of this vibrant community.

You’re going to learn that the next four years aren’t about essays and final exams and MLA/APA format (which, thank goodness for ILT101A02, it basically sets you up for your whole university career!) The next four years are about growing into yourself, constructing character, making mistakes, humbling yourself and being motivated by the most talented people you’ll ever meet.

You’re going to learn that when you leave Bishop’s University, you don’t just leave ready for your next step but, you leave with a thicker pair of wisdom-filled spectacles, a heavier tool box filled with skills to help you steer through the next phase of your life, and… an overflowing pocket filled of goals and bigger dreams! You’ll be ready for a new change of pace, a new mentality and environment to challenge you. Of course I am excited to be welcoming forth year along with a career in the industry post-graduation. However, I am in no rush to say “Goodbye” just yet, I’m pursuing happiness by prioritizing what makes me happy… because, as you’ll eventually realize, all that tweaking gets tiring and it’s important to take the time to slow down, reflect, and enjoy life as a Bishop’s undergraduate student.


“We’re conditioned to our fate,
 We will never graduate,
We’ll stay here forever more!”

Raise a Toast! 


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