Think Before You Act

Working for recruitment has got me to start thinking. Being a Bishop’s student is more than just what you do on campus, it’s the image you project off campus. Think about it. It took you however many years to graduate and now you’re sitting in an office competing for a job and the person who interviews you says “Oh! Bishop’s, I’ve heard about that place.” What do you want the interviewer to follow-up that sentence with? Do you want a potential employer to say “I bet all you did for four years was drink and party”? Or, would you rather the person who is hiring you thinks positive things about where you received your education such as “Oh! Wow, I heard it is an excellent school in both an academic and social aspects.” Before this year, I can be honest, this question of “What will the person giving you a job think?” never crossed my mind. Now, it is something I reflect on very frequently.

Think of it this way, if a person spreads a negative and a positive rumor about anything, more people are likely to repeat the negative rumour especially if it is about a person. Correct? Now think of Bishop’s (your degree, your home, your school) as a person. If half our student population goes around telling friends and family false truths that all Bishop’s students do is party, they are more likely to be believed over the students who go home and tell their friends and family that although they do go out and socialize, Bishop’s has way more to offer.

I am not writing to say “study, never go out” or to say “people that got out are bad.” Believe me, there is no better way of celebrating a hectic week than going out with friends. I am just saying that it is important to remember the image you are projecting of our school, and of yourself. It’s great to unwind, but we are all adults. We understand university students like to have fun, but it is so important that we create awareness of all the great things our school is achieving besides all of its social aspects.

For example, we were recently rated first in Canadian the category of work-play balance in the Globe and Mail’s Canadian University Report 2013. We have an acceptance average of 80 percent (making it a higher standard than many universities) The events we attend at places such as the Gait and The Lion are fundraisers which go to support our amazing Gaiters athletes or some of our outstanding clubs that help out people all over the world!

I ask you Gaiters, next time you Raise a toast to Bishop’s University, think about the image, and how you can improve other people’s perception of our beloved alma matter each day!


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