Top 17 must-have items at BU

Counting the days before Move-in Day at Bishop’s University? Moving into your first apartment? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Here is a short list of essential items to bring in your new home as you will start a new chapter in your life as a Gaiter.


Fanny pack
No Orientation Week is complete without one, and so much better/easier than a purse or backpack.

Noise-cancelling headphones
Residence can be a loud place, and they make studying anywhere possible.


Shower caddy
Whether in Mac, NoPo, Paterson or New Side, it’s an easy way to stay organized, a great method of transportation and an effective way to stay on good terms with your new bog or floor mates.

Stain remover stick
Trust me, you won’t want to do laundry often, and this can make clothes last longer between washes.

Onesie (s)
Cozy and appropriate for cold sporting events, not to mention onesie themed Happy Hours and events.


Extension cord/power bar
Be a hero. Save a life. Bring a power bar.

Body pillow/large pillow
Seems random, but it helps to cozy up a dorm room, and can turn any bed into a makeshift couch.

Disposable cameras
Capture all your memories without worrying about your nice camera. Plus: prints for decorating, and a built in filter.

Board games/cards
Winters can seem long, and dorms are warm.

Mini fridge
To avoid the ‘long walk’ to Dewies from December to March. Also for snacks, drinks, etc.

Running shoes
Whether you’re super athletic or not, there are tons of trails in and around Bishop’s to explore.

Rain boots
Mud season pops up twice a year: In the fall before the snow, and in the spring after the snow.

Whiteboard/cork board
To keep track of all your assignments and schedules, and for friends’ artwork and messages.

Closet organizer
Residences and even apartments have limited space so it’s definitely needed especially if you have a roommate.

Electric kettle
Having an electric kettle can save your life on a cold winter day. Coffee, tea, hot coco, and every university student’s guilty pleasure: ramen noodles.



Even when it’s not Halloween, BU students love their crazy costumes and there are lots of themed events at the Gait and other venues in town throughout the year.

Lots of purple!
Can’t stress this enough, you can NEVER have too much of this good thing! #BleedPurple
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