Tuesday Nights at 18 Conley

Hello Friends, tis’ Bryden once again. I was going to give you a quick update on my life, but it’s not that interesting at the moment. Sadly, I just finished my brief lull in school-work after a hectic week. This allowed me to get all caught up on my current favourite t.v. show, Shameless, and spend some quality time with my dearest friend, Scott Best. I guess it just that time of year again. All of sudden there is snow. All of a sudden you have every essay due at once. But it’s not that bad. Even with all this stress there is plenty of ways to keep your sanity.

I had a friend who during one exam period made it his goal to learn how to juggle. He thought it was the best way to get his mind away from his work without losing any motivation. At the end of the week, he was mediocre at juggling three balls. Impressive at that is…it still got him through the week. I personally have terrible dexterity and prefer the simpler pleasures- such as candy. I tend to leave the library in the middle of study days to relax for a bit. If I’m being super-productive, I’ll try to make it to the gym. More realistically, I like to head back home and unwind for a bit. I get to hang out with my friends, maybe watch a show and most certainly eat a box a pizza pockets.

Speaking of eating healthier, I forgot to mention one of my favourite parts of the week: Tuesday night dinners at 18 Conley. For those of who don’t already know, this a dinner run by the local student ministry. Every week they put on a feast for us Lennoxvillian’s. It’s quaint to say the least. The food is something you’d expect your grandmother to cook, but it’s delicious nonetheless- plus we can all use a little homeliness at this time of the year. I personally love the desserts spread. mhmhmhnm dessert.

Food aside, the atmosphere is pretty cool. Rarely do you see such an eclectic group of people gathered in Lennoxville. Let’s be honest, we all have our own cliques that we spend the large majority of time with. It’s cool. It’s cold outside and being social usually means waving to someone as you cross the bridge to campus. Fortunately, Tuesday dinner provides an open-almost European- approach to being social. You’ll probably run into friends you haven’t seen in a while or strike a conversation with someone new. Either way, its a nice break.

Don’t be shy. The people that run the dinner’s are some of the friendliest around. They never ask for anything in return, except for the occasional donation to the charity of their choice. Hope to see you there.

Salutations, Bryden
P.S. Seriously, the desserts

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