#UbishopsAbroad: Meet Cariann Bouillon

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) launched the Learning Beyond Borders program to provoke a national conversation on learning abroad.

At Bishop’s University, we nurture studying abroad as a transformational life-changing experience, opening minds to different ways of living, promoting understanding, contributing to academic success, enhancing communication skills, self-awareness, and adaptability. It also offers opportunities to develop soft skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, deemed necessary in a global workforce. To promote this national conversation, we are featuring Bishop’s students who have taken advantage of our study abroad program.

Meet Cariann Bouillon, a B.A. Honours in Sociology, who went to University of New Orleans, in Louisiana during the Winter 2017 semester.

“Living in New Orleans is experiencing festivals every weekend, going to a Pelican’s game, walking the historical streets of the French quarter and Uptown, interacting with wonderful people, enjoying the sounds of the musicians all around the city, but it is also learning about slavery, poverty, and racism in the United States. New Orleans certainly made me grow as a person. It showed me the importance of living in the present and enjoying life, but also made me see and understand the sociological problems of the United States. As a sociology student, New Orleans was a wonderful learning experience. I also had the chance to travel in Miami during my Spring Break, and in California after the semester. It was awesome to have the opportunity to travel in those two states. I am really grateful to have had the chance to do a student exchange!”

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