Volunteering Opportunities Off-Campus

One of the ways to enrich your time at Bishop’s University is to volunteer. There are many extracurricular activities on campus you can take advantage of, but for those who want to volunteer outside the Bishop’s walls there are countless opportunities in Lennoxville, just a 10-minute walk from campus. We have put together a list of places that are searching for volunteers year-round.


Community Aid

Community Aid’s mission is to help elderly and/or handicapped community member with programs and initiatives that allow them to continue living in their own homes with the help of volunteers. They have programs such as Meals on Wheels, Friendly Contacts, and Escort/Transport. Community Aid understands that everyone has a busy schedule, and so you can volunteer the number of hours you are able to provide with no pressure of doing more than you can.

164 Queen St, suite 104




Literacy in Action

Literacy in Action is a local organization that offers free educational services to the English-speaking community. They have services tailored to specific needs, such as computer literacy, reading and writing, and individual math tutoring. They also hold monthly activities for both children and adults.  There are a variety of volunteer positions available for different interests

7 Connolly Street




Lennoxville & District Women’s Centre

The Women’s Centre is a community organization that serves English-speaking women and their families in the Estrie region. They do this through activities, campaigns, and events. There are many ways in which you can help, so there is something for everyone.

257 Queen Street, Suite 300





Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre is a unique establishment that offers many services such as English tea, concerts, art exhibits, and a beautiful display of antiques. It boasts in its celebration of creativity and community involvement. There are many ways to get involved at the centre such as being a member of a committee and helping maintain the estate’s collections.

9 Speid Street




Mental Health Estrie

A non-profit organization, Mental Health Estrie provides support to those with a mental illness as well as their surrounding family and friends. One of their main goals is to end the stigma associated with mental illness by creating programs and partnerships with various health services. They offer programs such as support groups and guest speakers.

257 Queen Street, Suite 900




Lennoxville Youth Center

Located at the heart of the borough, the Lennoxville Youth Center aims to help the youth of the area by giving them a structured place where they can meet other teens and work towards being the best people they can be. They host events that allow a safe space for discussion and development.

168 Rue Queen




La Renaissance – Manoir St. Francis

Only a few minutes from Bishop’s, this retirement home is always looking for volunteers. They are always on the lookout for new volunteers to help out with various organizational activities and other events around the home. Volunteers have a profound impact on the senior members and improve their quality of life.

125 Queen St.





To find more places to volunteer in Lennoxville and the Sherbrooke area:

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