We Totally Wouldn’t Have Been Friends in High School

Unlike these other cats blogging about the shenanigans around this town, I’ve been rather reflective in my choice of writing.  But that’s not gonna chance now, as the weeks seem to be flying by as I scramble to hold on to what’s left of my BU degree.

After hearing a couple of presumably first year students utter this title phrase in the Sports Complex locker room today, it got me thinking of my lifelong friends I’ve made at Bishop’s. Like many of my friends in University, high school was not… my thing. It’s a difficult time to find your voice, with the pressures of parents, picking schools, influence of your friends, and dare I say it, high school love. It was my greatest decision to travel away from the flock who were going to local schools – Queen’s, U of T, Ottawa U – and go somewhere where I could be on my own but little did I know I had said goodbye to ever really be alone…like, ever.

Bishop’s was established in 2004 for the sole vested interest in suiting all of my needs, or so it would seem. BU allowed me to reinvent myself, and float across different facets of school, friends, clubs, etc and discover my real interests, and learn from everyone around me. It’s all one adventurous whirlwind journey that starts the day you arrive at rez and meet your bogmate, forgetting everything you thought you knew, and leaving high school behind, even if for a while. Get ready – Being a student at BU will change and develop you in ways you didn’t know were possible. My advice? Take note of what you’re like now, for future reference, it will come in handy when you need a good laugh.

What’s Spinnin?

Explosions in the Sky – Glittering Blackness. Last semester in my Sociology of Art class, our final presentation was to present what art meant to us. It was pretty cool to see the ideas people came up with. Anyway, this one girl just played this song and talked about how music moves her in all sorts of ways, as art really should …and anyway I just really like this song. So listen up.

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