A Week at Bishop’s

What does a week at Bishop’s look like? Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon, a Mathematics and Psychology student, shows us what it’s like to be a student on campus!

Astonishingly amazing.

That’s how my first semester was: full of fun, learning, and incredible opportunities. That said, I’m Georges-Philippe, a second year student originally from Bedford, Quebec. My goal is to major in both Mathematics and Psychology; needless to say, my schedule is pretty full! Going into university, I wanted to help others, to make a difference, to do more than just study for a degree. Let me take you through how I try to do that on the daily, and how it is to be part of the Bishop’s community!


One of the 5 best days of the week! Starting at 11:30 am allows me to prepare for my two classes of the day. First, an hour of Advanced Calculus makes sure I’m starting the week right! When that’s done, I go heat my lunch at my (not that) secret microwave spot, at the BUS Stop Café, where the mood is always great; I’ll use the hour and a half I have to eat and often to prepare some stuff for the French class I’m assistant-teaching in! Being a TA in my mother tongue has truly been a rich and fulfilling experience that I’ll never forget. Some studying again, and it’s time for Intro to Psychology!


I only have one class at 11:30 am on these two days, so I’m either doing some assignments in the library, studying with some friends, or, even better, tutoring French of math. I (try to) go to sleep early because these are the only days of the week that I’m home before 9!


Definitely the best day of the week. It starts off with Discrete Maths (no, not sneaky maths) at 10 am, then it’s Calculus and French again! One thing I can’t say enough is how Bishop’s teachers are wonderful for their love of BU and it is reflected in their classes. Also, I decided to be a participant in a study on the effect of meditation on attention, concentration, and memory led by BU’s Psychology Department, so at 4 pm, I meditate (like most days, but this time with the group)! It feels great to take some time for self-awareness during my busiest day. Then at 5:30 pm, it’s Time class time! In a few words, it’s a class given in the 4 universities of the Maple League (Bishop’s University, Mount Allison, St. Francis Xavier, and Acadia) at the the same time, using the teleconferencing technology in the Library Learning Commons. In this class, we explore the concept of time through 4 different perspectives (physics, religion, biology, and music), each of which is taught by a different teacher (one from each university). This class is AMAZING. I even got to take over the Maple League’s Instagram for three weeks during the religion (BU) part!


Last, but not least, Friday! Again, Discrete Maths and then Calculus (although no class is ever the same!). I have the second level Into to Psychology at 2:30 pm, then I head to the JSAC council meeting, of which the mission is to improve teaching excellence at BU by suggesting and promoting new approaches to learning in order to put the student at the centre of the experience. Talk about being part of the change! Then I’m usually off downtown to meet with my friends at one of Sherbrooke’s many great restaurant. When the week is done, I usually take advantage of my weekends to plan and prepare for the next one!

Remember, it’s always up to you to decide how full your schedule will be, but if you WANT to do something, you CAN here! Put yourself out there, you’ll always be surprised at how many opportunities are waiting for you!

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