Welcome to Our Residences

Live the BU experience to the fullest! Residences are far more than just a room or suite on campus. It’s where you’ll find your #Ubishops family, your home away from home. Haven’t applied to residence yet? Our students walk you through each residence’s particularities to help you choose the one that suits you best!


Abbott! Where do I even begin? My home for the last year and a half. It’s everything one could possibly want. As a first year student, I found it so conveniently located with Dewies, the Sports Plex, and Paterson so close by. Now, as a second year neuroscience student and first floor Abbott RA (Residence Assistant), I am enjoying building a strong community amongst my residents and putting on activities where they can take a break from their studies and meet other residents in their building. Living in Abbott gives you the opportunity to have your own personal space but also learn how to live in a community environment where everyone is expected to be conscientious and respectful towards those around them. Abbott also has a kitchen in the basement that allows you to bring out your inner chef and enjoy your meal of choice. With numerous common rooms and study rooms, there’s an abundance of space for you to meet up with your friends, whether it be to study or just to sit back and enjoy a movie. I’ve enjoyed the past year and a half and am happy to call Abbott my second home.

Norton/Pollack (NOPO)

I originally started off this year living in a different residence building, but then I joined the Residence Life team and moved to NOPO to become an RA. Being an RA and a part of a new community offered me fun and exciting opportunities. This move to NOPO meant being a 2-minute walk from academic buildings, the new Learning Commons (which has many great study areas), and the SUB. The common room in Norton and the study room in Pollack always have either events, study groups, or residents simply hanging out and watching TV. Living in NOPO also gives you access to two laundry rooms which makes doing laundry a lot easier! NOPO’s fun and close-knit community have helped me make many new friends and unforgettable memories.


Paterson Residence is truly one of a kind at Bishop’s in that it provides students the most choice and flexibility in their residence experience. The suite/apartment style allows students the option to cook for themselves, to have a meal plan at Dewies, or both! Paterson hosts many upper year students, but it is also an option for mature and independent incoming students. I find that the apartment is an excellent opportunity for students to develop independence while enjoying the benefits of living on campus and having roommates. One of the things that surprised me most about Paterson is the community aspect that flows throughout the building. I had thought that people would mostly keep within their own apartments and that the friendships would develop there, but I have found that there is a warm sense of community that can be found throughout the building – it’s impossible to come home without finding yourself caught up in conversation with a neighbour.


Mackinnon is vibrant, high energy community with so much character. It is a traditional-style residence consisting of mainly single and double rooms, but there are a couple of triple rooms available as well. There are gendered and gender-neutral bathrooms in each section that are shared with the people on your floor. Traditional residences make it is easy to be involved and engage with your neighbours. You will rarely walk through a corridor without seeing at least one open door and a friendly face. It provides a unique social experience that is incomparable. I find it magical how connections and lasting friendships blossom between students from all over the globe. It is not uncommon for residents to squeeze as many people as they can into a room and enjoy each other’s company, or slide their mattress down the hallway and onto the floor of a friend’s room. I think it is safe to say that everyone who has lived in Mackinnon has amazing memories to look back on with fondness. It is also conveniently located in the heart of campus, so nothing is more than a quick stroll away.


At Bishop’s University there are many residential buildings to choose from, but Kuehner is by far my favourite. The recent renovations have given this place a new life! It is also conveniently located right next to both the Sports Plex and Dewhurst Dining Hall. With the designs being delightfully modern, it allows residents to have a new place to call home and encourages them to not only want to socialize but also to learn the valuable skills of maintaining such a beautiful space. The hallways are often quiet, but there is always a friendly face walking around, residents using the common rooms to study, a basement with pool and foosball tables, and of course there is the Learning Living Community of the Health & Fitness Floor.

Visit https://www.ubishops.ca/future-current-students/student-campus-life/residence/ for more information about our residences.

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