Today I thought Id share with you one of the more valuable lessons I’ve learned so far on this trip. Since I traveled here alone (both navigating my way through Montreal airport as well as Frankfurt airport, which is massive) and having run into some of these “Well Duh!” situations right off the bat, I probably should of picked up on this much much sooner. Then again, maybe I’m just the type of person that needs to learn things the hard way?  (time and time again apparently) ;)
Anyways, as simple as this lesson may be I still find myself NOT doing this. Its ALL ABOUT READING! There have been so many times already that I’ve been stupidly lost all because I didn’t look up right in front of me and READ the sign (I will add that in Europe they don’t just put signs on a poll, they’re in all sorts of random places and sometimes you do have to really look for them, but still..). After wandering around for about 15 minuets it kicks in that “Huh, maybe that sign over there says something important…” WELL DUH! Signs and instructions are there for a frigging reason, yet for some reason unknown to me I guess Id rather waist 15 minuets being lost than the 2 minuets it would of taken me to look up, read the sign, and then go from there. I have a million examples of this I could share to get this point across, but I think Ill go with yesterday’s event.

Yesterday I had to go get my visa, I spent some time on google maps mapping out the rout I needed to take to get there and it seemed like it was going to be pretty simple (and it really was) YET even with the advanced rout planning and having written out a detailed list of directions I STILL GOT LOST! How you may ask?! Because I didn’t look up at the sign. So off I went with my German friend who had come along for some company. We got off at the second tram stop as directed and instead or reading the sign right in front of us (that would have pointed us in the right direction) we played a mini game of frogger as we booked it across the road and tram tracks to the next tram station down the street. Once we got there we realized that this tram was going in the complete opposite direction that we needed to go in. So now with tram stations visible in all directions for the 13 different tram lines throughout the city we need to find where the hell we were supposed to be. It turns out that the original platform we had gotten off at and been standing at moments before was in fact the right one and all we had to do was wait there. Had I of spent the 20 seconds it would of taken me to read the sign we would of be set, WELL DUH!

Having said all of this, I do have one theory behind this whole not reading the signs madness; I believe that since I am in a foreign country where they speak and write in different languages (and seeing how I don’t read or speak Swedish and the street names are all the longest names EVER) I must just brush off the fact that these things will help me if I give them the chance to do so. I decided yesterday after making the hundredth stupid mistake from not reading signs that I am done with being lost.

promise from now on to take those extra seconds and minuets reading the signs versus wandering the streets hopelessly.

So that’s my Well Duh! realization up to this point. I hope that if you guys find yourself in any similar situations you can skip the whole lost part and just follow the signs to begin with!



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