What's next? T-minus 4 months

It’s the holidays.  Thus, it’s time to relax, and enjoy some good times with family.  However, there’s an underlying pressure for me this holiday season.

Since I am in the last year of my undergraduate degree, and I am already halfway through that lest year, I need to begin thinking about what I want to do next year.  Go out and start a career?  Work full-time in a temporary full-time job to make some coin?  Travel with the little to no coin I currently have?  Move somewhere new and see what happens?  These are all viable options for a recently-graduated, twenty-something year-old male to consider.  I say that this holiday season is busy for me because application dates for post-graduate programs and/or internships are soon approaching (unfortunately, I’ve made the trip home without any official transcripts, thus putting the kibosh on any applications I had planned to send away), or have already passed.  This is another stage in one’s life when they must decide what they want to do next.

Essentially, I have no idea what I want to due come next September, or even next May for that matter.  Most current university students knew that after high school, they would inevitably end up in some form of post-secondary institution.  However, not all of these students necessarily want to attend graduate school, and viewed the conclusion of their undergraduate degree as the end of the road.  This decision is particularly hard for a Bishop’s student finishing their undergraduate degree.  The bar has been set so high, and expectations have reached such a pinnacle.  Maybe I’m speaking only on my behalf, but let’s just say I’d be surprised if anything lived up to the past four years.

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