While BU Crams, Claire Frolics in the Isles

This semester I was fortunate enough to be able to skip over to Dublin and London for a couple of weeks instead of the usual fight for survival and mind bending rituals that ensue during exam time. With a concentration in Fine Arts, three out of four courses I had this semester had no final exams (Drawing, Printmaking and Sociology of Art). My professor for Film Adaptation, was gracious enough to let me write it early. The kindness and flexibility at this school blows my mind sometimes. So I took the money I’ve earned from my various part time jobs around campus and went to a family wedding in Dublin, and hung out with my sister who lives in London.

In Dublin I met up with a friend who did an exchange at Bishop’s for a semester a couple of years ago. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him since, but that’s the magic of the BU connection – any chance you get to meet up with a fellow BUer, especially in a faraway land, is taken without notice. It was amazing to hear about how much he misses BU. Here we were, in the heart of Dublin at an Irish Pub discussing how much we both loved Bishop’s over a couple of pints.

I’ll be heading back to Dublin after Convocation in May to do my internship required for my Arts Administration degree. We have so much freedom when it comes to where to do the placement – it can be anything within the arts and culture umbrella. Right now I’m looking at independent music labels, independent film production and distribution companies, and the list goes on… The hardest part is narrowing it down, but no matter what, I have an amazing background given my qualifications from the education I’ve received at Bishop’s.

My story ends in London where I was 1) in love with the city 2) slightly overwhelmed and found a tiny part of me wanting to flee the crowds of 8 million and head for the town of one traffic light I know so well, Lennoxville Quebec.

What’s Spinnin’?

The Pogues – a close to home favorite, these legendary pioneers of traditional/punk/rock fusion hail from Ireland and England, depending on what year you’re looking at. I have a softspot for the ballad Fairytale of New York, debatably considered a “Christmas song”. So what better time to listen? It also features the late Kirsty McColl, a hardened female vocalist from London.

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