Why I chose Bishop’s University

We know why Bishop’s rocks. Our current students, faculty, staff members and alumni know why this school rocks. But what makes Bishop’s University so appealing to a future Gaiter? We’ve asked our incoming students to tell us why they chose our one-of-a-kind institution.

RACHEL MORGAN (Montreal, Quebec)
I chose BU because it felt like home away from home as soon as I stepped foot on campus. I really loved how much everyone talked about how happy they were with their decision and that was important to me, I don’t want to go to school somewhere where I dread getting up and going to classes but the impression I got is that BU is the opposite of that. The community has just been great so far and I’m not even there yet!

BENOIT BILODEAU (Quebec City, Quebec)
I chose Bishop’s for many reasons. Being a transfer student from a very large University (40,000+ students), one of the reasons why Bishop’s was my choice is the sense of community. I went to a small high school and a small college in Quebec City and when I came to visit the campus, I felt like this is where I belong. Moreover, I really love the multiculturalism of the incoming class and I feel like Bishop’s is the right school for meeting people from all around the world.

COURTNEY ROY (Ottawa, Ontario)
I chose Bishop’s because I was tired of just being a number/body at my current university! I believe in a learning community, not just an education system! I want to be somewhere that I can thrive, try, fail, try again and be encouraged throughout! Bishop’s offered a friendly community, interesting courses and clubs and the learning community that I need and want! I’ve never heard a bad thing about Bishop’s and all the alumni I know are people I look up to, so Bishop’s must have done something right for them!! Hope you all to choose to become #FutureGaiters with us and #BleedPurple.

TATIANA ORTIZ (Mexico City, Mexico)
The reason why I chose Bishop’s is that, even if the original reason of why I came on exchange in Canada was to complete a program in another university, I never felt more welcomed and accepted like I did in Bishop’s, not only the students are like a big family but also the staff and everyone who works there gives their piece to make you feel like you will never ever be alone again. Some ask me why I would be willing to leave my life in a huge city to go to a smaller town, but the answer is, because it’s not just any town, it’s also a place that I now also consider home. Plus, I love the fact of having small classes and interacting more with the classmates and teachers!

CAMILLE COURNOYER (Montreal, Quebec)
I chose Bishop’s because I feel like each student has a voice here, one that matters and that is heard. Every member of the community is empowered and encouraged to get involved and I am already proud to call myself a Gaiter!

VALENTIN BACH (Mulhouse, France)
I chose Bishop’s because I feel like this is where I’m meant to be. Every student is part of the Gaiter community and, above all, we have access to a liberal education which means freedom, autonomy and just true passion! I’m really excited about Bishop’s and I just can’t wait to be there!

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