Putting the Work in “Work-Life Balance”

Many #Ubishops students work part-time during the course of their studies to supplement their income. Accounting student Mara Winn tells us about the benefits of finding a job on campus.

Prior to arriving at Bishop’s, I thought it would be difficult to find a part-time job considering I am not bilingual, nor do I have a car to get to and from work, wherever that may be. Once I moved to Bishop’s, I started to notice that there are many work opportunities on-campus through the SRC, Sodexo, Recruitment and Admissions Office, Sports Plex, Residence Services, and more!

Whether you’re worried about covering rent, groceries, books, or just looking for some extra cash, Bishop’s has you covered through a variety of on-campus job opportunities. On-campus jobs provide students with far more than a few extra spending dollars each week. For me, working as a Student Ambassador in the Recruitment and Admissions Office and as a Student Caller at the Advancement Office’s Phonathon has provided me with school involvement and experiences that have connected me to other students and BU staff.

Working in a team with other like-minded students gives you the opportunity to get to know more about students in another year, in another program, or students with different interests. You’re sure to learn something new about BU through these connections. Co-workers and Bishop’s staff quickly become friends around Lennoxville.

On-campus jobs mean that you can forget about commuting to work. Walking to your shift will never be more than a ten-minute walk, no matter where you are on campus. This makes it easy to pick up last-minute shifts, fit a shift between class and dinner, or run to the Bus Stop Café or Doolittle’s for a coffee on your break.

By recognizing that studies come first, employers on campus always schedule shifts around class hours. You will never be scheduled to work during class time, and supervisors are accommodating if you know you have big tests or assignments coming up. After all, working at BU is working at your own educational institution.

The simplicity and convenience of work on-campus makes it easy to add a part-time job into a busy student’s life. On-campus jobs are a great way to expand your circle of friends, continue to develop your working skills, and help to cover some everyday costs of a university student.

To learn more about job opportunities on campus and on campus employers, visit: https://www.ubishops.ca/future-current-students/student-campus-life/student-services/career-development-academic-support/career-vocational-counselling/job-postings/list-campus-employers/

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