Working on campus is easy as pie!

Working on campus is easy as pie!

When entering into my first year at Bishop’s University, I had many questions, as most of us do, about what the next four years were going to be like. Was I going to like it here? What were my classes going to be like?

I could go on forever about the many questions and “what if” scenarios I had in the lead-up to coming to Bishop’s, but perhaps the most looming question of all was how am I going to afford it? While I’ve been lucky enough to have support from my parents and scholarships along the way to cover my big costs, the rest has always been up to me. I worked throughout high school and the summer leading into first year, saving up as much as the average 17 year old could manage, but I recognized two things by the end of the summer. One, being that I might not have saved as much as I thought and two, that I tend to perform better in school when I am busy, as it helps me prioritize what I’m working on.

With that in mind, I made it my mission to find a job once I arrived at Bishop’s University in September. As soon as I arrived, I realized the many ways in which BU is incredible and unique, particularly in how there are no shortages of jobs or ways to earn money around campus once I started looking. Within my first week, I received multiple emails about different opportunities, including a job posting in the Alumni and Advancement Office, contact information for the Director of our Sports and Recreation Facilities, and the Accessibilities Office looking to pay students to submit their notes. There are jobs in different departments covering a wide range of interests, which made it easy for me to find a job that I was going to like.

Jumping at the possibilities, I submitted my résumé for a position as a student caller with the Alumni and Advancement Office, reached out to the Director of the Sports Plex to see if there were any openings for lifeguard and swim instructors, and applied to be a note-taker for classes I was already in. By the end of my first month at Bishop’s, I had already found three jobs. Taking on three jobs in my first semester initially seemed daunting, but one of the best parts of working on campus, particularly at Bishop’s, is that each of my employers took the time to get to know me and worked around my schedule. They allowed me to work the hours I was looking for while balancing my academic life at the same time.

When I first came to Bishop’s, everyone told me how incredible it was. Looking back on my four years, I never could have imagined just how incredible it would turn out to be. Beyond the classes I love and the clubs I participate in, the small atmosphere of the Bishop’s campus opened many doors for me to gain experience outside the classroom, which also helped to financially support my time here. The many job opportunities on campus allowed me to expand my network beyond my program and my residence, and even beyond Bishop’s. Most importantly, every job position I’ve held here embodied what Bishop’s is all about. Each of my bosses cared about my success, helped me develop new skills, and they helped me find a balance in my schedule. And finally, I was introduced to different people in each role, all of whom have made my time here better than I ever could have imagined.

Lauren Audas
Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick


Need help to find a job on campus? Here are some of examples where you could find great opportunities during your time at #Ubishops:

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