Yes, My professor knows my name- doesn’t yours?

Hello Past, Present, and Future Gaiters!

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about one of the great opportunities that students have, here at BU.  BU students are fortunate enough to have professors and faculty who are genuinely here to help YOU– the student- learn and grow as an academic, and as a person.  I am currently conducting research for an independent study as well as conducting research for a colloquium organized by the Eastern Township Resource Centre which is located here in Lennoxville.  These two opportunities involve working closely with a supervisor from your department.  My supervisor is Dr. Cheryl Gosselin from the Department of Sociology. I am incredibly lucky to be working under the supervision of someone so knowledgeable and approachable.

There are a few classes that have teacher assistants, however, I cannot attest to how much time is or is not spent with the professor in these classes since I have never had a class with a T.A. On that note, I have never had a professor who did not know at least my name and program. Most of my professors know my name, program, where I come from, what my interests are, etc.  Having this interaction with your professors is truly a unique and amazing experience that you WILL NOT get at all of the other universities in North America.

For me, working with Dr. Gosselin means that there is always someone there to guide me in my research when I am completely lost. It means that there is always an expert willing to share their knowledge and experiences.  It means that my mind will be expanded in ways from acknowledging the implications in my chosen language to the benefits of particular theoretical frameworks and methodologies. It means that I getting the most out of my undergraduate education by learning in a safe environment where I can make mistakes and learn from them while having a mentor there to help me along the way.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like going to a school of 45,000 students. I can’t imagine not having the chance to get to know my professor better at a small wine and cheese in Cleghorn or running around in my grad year trying to find reference letters. The more I become aware and reflect on the advantages of small classes, the more I can’t even begin to imagine going anywhere other than Bishop’s University for my undergraduate degree.


A Proud Gaiter!!

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