Your One Stop Shop: Dewhurst Dining Hall

Got the munchies? Make sure you stop by Dewhurst Dining Hall (also commonly known as Dewies). Isabelle Audet, a Biology and Neuroscience student, tells you why Dewies is THE one stop shop on the #Ubishops campus!

Dewurst Dining Hall (Dewies)

I have a bit of an uncommon experience with Dewies since I decided to work there in my first year, and I’m certain that it was one of my favourite jobs ever. I made omelettes for students and was a kitchen hand on the weekends. Working with the staff there was such a joy. We had a really good dynamic, and working in a kitchen setting, serving my peers, felt as though I had the run of the place, and I got a number of fun recipe ideas.

One fellow that I worked with taught me how to make my now signature “Dewies Breakfast Bowl” which entails a layer of seasoned fried potatoes from the hot-food station, with some cheese, followed by fried vegetables (loads of spinach!) and topped with a fried egg and tomatoes (okay, it’s essentially a breakfast poutine, and probably not great for the arteries, but it sure is delicious!).

Dewies has vegetarian and vegan options available, and for students with allergies and intolerances, Sodexo recently installed an Allergy Station where students may have access to ingredients and even cook for themselves. The grill, pasta, and stir-fry stations are open everyday, serving omelettes in the morning, with a regular rotation on a weekly schedule of crepes, pancakes, Thai-soup, shawarma, quesadillas, and more. And they are always trying to improve their options. I personally like to frequent the salad station, especially since the regular addition of feta to the selection. I put in my greens, with peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, feta, and top it all off with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Since everyone in traditional and bog-style residence goes to Dewies, this job connected me with a huge range of people, as I would socialize with students while cooking up their food. That place is always buzzing with excitement. As I said, the staff at the dining hall are such a joy to interact
with. But you don’t have to work there to enjoy their presence. During the week, you’re likely to be greeted at the entrance by Lolly, who last year was voted Sodexo’s most valued employee on account of her constant jubilance, and Trudy, the weekday supervisor, will stop to comment on something and share a nice story of her home, meals, and family. Ryo, discrete guitar player extraordinaire, would make you salads, poke-bowls (Don’t know what that is? Neither did I), and stir-fry with style, though he recently moved to France and has been bid a warm farewell with cards signed in secret by staff and students that appreciated his service. Now we have Luis, a new addition to the team this year, and he is happy to speak with you in Spanish, French, Italian, or English, serving with a personal touch and jazzing up your pasta experience.

Dewies truly is a great place to start off in first year, living on or off-campus. You can sit down with anyone and because BU is a liberal education school, this can lead to a huge variety of conversations and offers the opportunity to build friendships with students in and out of your program. One of the people I sat with in my first week is actually a friend with whom I work in Bishop’s Residence Life now, and she’s the reason I stepped out of a comfort zone and joined the BU Singers Concert Choir.

If you have an interest in cooking or having a very sociable position on campus I’d highly encourage putting in your resume to Sodexo, or if you’d like to contribute ideas towards menu items, food you’d like to see at Dewies or other food services on campus, you could share your ideas as part of the Dining Committee which meets biweekly and comprises of the Manager of Sodexo, the Chef, members of the Residence Life team, and residents living on and off-campus.

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