Alumni profiles: Jade Champagne

Jade Champagne graduated from Bishop’s University this past January with an Honours B.A. in International Studies, and a double minor in Political Studies and Hispanic Studies. She is now working as Parliamentary Affairs and Quebec Regional Advisor for the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, the Hon. Louis-Philippe Champagne. 

She was already working as Parliamentary Assistant for the MP for Louis-Hébert, Joël Lightbound, and packing for her move to Ottawa while she was finishing her last exams from Bishop’s, in the fall of 2021. Remembering this eventful period, she shares that “it was a crazy time, but it was worth it.” 

At Bishop’s University, 2019-2021

Champagne says she learned a lot during her university years and that she owes a lot to Bishop’s and its faculty. “BU provided me with the guidance I needed to become the person I am now.” 

She explains that from her very first day here and until her graduation, she received the constant support of her professors. She especially names Dr. Heather McKeen-Edwards, an associate professor in the Politics & International Studies department, as a valuable mentor. “Whether it was for the selection of my courses, for the preparation and reference letters for the master’s degree, or for the work, she was very patient and very present to provide me with important knowledge and advice. Having this kind of accessibility with our faculty is a very important thing, and it was truly appreciated.”  

Bishop’s also allowed her to try out the multiple work opportunities offered to students. Those experiences encouraged professional and personal growth, preparing her for what she does now. During her three years at Bishop’s, she was a teaching assistant for Dr. McKeen-Edwards, a SAFEGaiter since the project’s inception and an intern for the Human Resources department. “It has strengthened my leadership, my questioning, my teamwork and my interpersonal skills, which adequately prepared me for where I am now,” she says.  

Understanding how much it helped her, Champagne encourages current students to seek out and pursue the multiple opportunities that BU has to offer. 

Ottawa, now 

As the Parliamentary Affairs and Quebec Regional Advisor, Champagne currently works on two different fronts and on various tasks that change every day. “I work on parliamentary work, which consists of committee work, question periods, and so on. On the other hand, I work on operations for the province of Quebec in the Minister’s office. Also known as the “Quebec Desk,” I coordinate everything that concerns Minister Champagne and Quebec. To put it simply, I am the resource person for everything concerning Quebec in the minister’s office.” 

Champagne has now been working at the office for about a month and says she is enjoying it. “Wearing these two hats allows me not only to take part in parliamentary life and all that it entails but also to be in touch with stakeholders from all over Quebec. It is a very fulfilling job and a great opportunity to develop an important network.” 

Future plans 

Champagne is excited about her current work but remains ambitious and has multiple projects to look forward to. “So many exciting things have happened to me over the past few months, finishing my studies and starting my professional career, I just can’t wait to see what’s next!” 

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