Find Your Fit

If you found this blog in your hunt to find the right university, welcome!

Program, culture, location…how to make the right choice? What is the right fit for you? The is a great place to get to know what Bishop’s is really like. Here, current and former students share their experiences in their own voice, giving you a glimpse into the unique community that we have created.  

So read on within the blog or if you’re ready, check out the Bishop’s website to explore our programs or chat with a current student.

Write for the

If you are a current or former student of Bishop’s University and want to share your university experience with the world, the is always looking for new writers to work with. Read on!

What makes a good B.U.blogger?

  • You are a natural storyteller, and you enjoy sharing inside glimpses of your life with others.
  • You are eager to share stories about your Bishop’s experience. You have a unique perspective and aren’t afraid to share it.
  • You understand the basics of blogging and structuring a positive experience for the reader and search engines.
  • You are creative and have ideas you want to share through writing, photography or video.
Group of students in the Library learning commons. Guidelines

  • You must be a current or former Bishop’s University student.
  • Blog posts should be between 500 to 1,500 words.
  • Blog posts should focus on individual experiences, rather than general advice, and therefore should be written in the first person (unless featuring someone else!).
  • Blog post must be written by you and not published anywhere else.
  • Blog posts are subject to editing by a professor (if part of a course) or the Communications team.
  • The Communications team reserves the right not to publish a post for any reason.
  • A minimum of two photos/images must be provided with the post (see format specifications in the submission form), and proper permissions must be obtained.
  • Any facts or resources included in the blog post must be accurate and references must be properly cited.
  • If submitting a video blog, a complete, formatted transcript of the audio must be provided as well.

Chat With Us

If you have questions or would like to talk to us about writing for the, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information. You can send an email to Benjamin at