These stories are from Bishop’s Alumni Magazine, edition No. 58 Fall 2022.

In Memory of Jordan Slaman ‘22

If life had gone as planned, Jordan Slaman would have graduated from Bishop’s in Business and Computer Science in 2015. But he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. The prognosis and survival rates were cause for optimism, but nevertheless he had to interrupt his studies to undergo treatment.

Jordan and Krista on their wedding day

Once the treatment was complete and apparently successful, he moved to Vancouver and pursued a career in information technology, culminating as a senior software engineer for Lululemon. Life was good and the future was bright.

But his cancer returned, and the prognosis this time was terminal.

In July, Jordan’s wife Krista contacted me to ask whether BU would grant him his degree, on a compassionate basis. A special meeting of the degree committee was convened, and there was unanimous approval to grant her request. So, we sent Jordan’s framed degree to Krista by messenger, in order for his friends from Bishop’s to present it to him as a surprise. But the real surprise was yet to come.

Jordan made contact with the Forward Foundation, a charity that provides young adults, who have life-limiting illnesses, with opportunities to make meaningful experiences of connection. Jordan’s wish was to show Krista where he attended high school and university, and the Forward Foundation kindly agreed to make this possible.

On August 19, 2022, Jordan and Krista returned to campus with their friends Daniel O’Connor ‘15 and Miriam Emmrys for a special graduation ceremony at Griffin Alumni House, with the following on hand to celebrate Jordan’s academic accomplishments: Dr. Layashi Bentabet, Chair, Department of Computer Science; Professor Reena Atanasiadis, Dean, Williams School of Business; Hans Rouleau ’97, Registrar; and Dr. Nelly Khouzzam, former Chair of the Department of Computer Science.

After the ceremony, Alumni Relations Coordinator Sterling Mawhinney ’88 and I took our guests on a tour of campus, stopping by Jordan’s favorite old haunts like the IT Help Desk and Paterson Hall.

Following their visit, Krista wrote: “Jordan had been feeling listless and like there was nothing else to look forward to, while his condition worsened, and being able to see these formative places and walk (roll?) down memory lane gave him such life and such a sense of completion. I hadn’t seen him so animated and so joyful in quite some time. I’m eternally grateful for the things I learned about him on the way, the stories I got to hear for the first (or second, or third) time as we toured and reminisced, and the happiness that he felt as he accomplished this bucket list goal.”

Jordan passed away in Krista’s arms on the morning of September 21. He was 30. Apparently, he smiled and made jokes until his final hours.

I dedicate this issue of the Bishop’s Alumni Magazine to Jordan and Krista. Witnessing Jordan’s love for Bishop’s was a highlight of my career. I will never forget this experience, or them. Anything else seems inconsequential in comparison.

—Jacqueline Scott ’90
Associate Vice-Principal, Advancement

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