Be you at BU: Internationalizing BU

by Wilton Burgos

Dear International Gaiters,  

My name is Wilton Burgos. I was born and raised on the beautiful Island of Aruba, and I’m the International Students representative within the SRC. I’d like to firstly commend you all for your courage, As an International student myself, I know the struggles that international students go through when moving to a new country, starting a new school, and having to make new friends. I remember that the six months before moving to Canada were filled with so many different emotions, but I also remember having Bishop’s support every step of the way. And over these last four years, I can see how that network of support for International Students has broadened even more. I’m the first International Students Representative at Bishop’s, my job is to ensure that all International Students are being well represented and advocated for. I also work closely with the International Peer Academic Mentor which ensures that all International Students’ academic needs are met and with the International office which aids International students with their paperwork and any other Inquiries.  

This Academic year has been a challenge for a lot of students being in a global pandemic. We know how crucial having support is during these times. With that in mind, I together with the International peer academic mentor and the President of the Bishop’s University International Students Association established The International Students cafe. A safe space for International Students to meet each other and share any concerns they may have. We have also created an Instagram account for International Students to stay more easily up to date with new information and to reach out with any questions or concerns (bu_intstudents).  

As I’m currently in my last semester at Bishop’s I want to impart some final words to all International Gaiters. I reflect on the student I was when I started Bishop’s and I cannot emphasize enough how much I’ve grown over these last four years as an International Student. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy but remember as an International Student you have so much to offer so get involved, step out of your comfort zone, enjoy the good and the bad, and if you need help reach out cause you’re not the only one. I always like to think of Bishop’s as a small school with infinite possibilities. You make so many real and meaningful connections that lead to so many doors opening regardless of what you’re interested in or if it was intentional or not — at the end of the day our differences are what connects us, and we pride ourselves on being part of a small family regardless of where you come from. 

Best wishes,  


Editor’s note: Wilton Burgos graduated in the spring of 2021.

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