Black History Month through the eyes of CASA

Throughout the month of February, Black History Month is a momentous occasion for Bishop’s University and the Caribbean African Student Association (CASA) to highlight the achievements of people of colour all while inviting everyone to become informed on the importance of people of colour not only in a Canadian setting but around the world. With the help of CASA, we have asked #Ubishops students to give us their own reflections on Black History Month. 

Sebastien Dorzilme
Black History Month to me is a time to remind people about the history that still affects us all, celebrate our differences and educate each other for a brighter tomorrow.”

Julez Lopez (CASA member)
Black History Month in my eyes is a way to acknowledge the past of the black community around the world, to share the awareness of history, and to show to the world that the black community is stronger than ever.”

Jimmy Boateng (CASA’s Co-lead)
“The importance of Black History Month for me is to celebrate the historic contributions that black people had over the course of history and to stop perpetuating that we were only slaves. Black History Month gives us the opportunity to learn about the power figures of our culture and to inspire ourselves to become leaders of the next generation.”

Nathan Walker (CASA member and Gaiters football player)
“What Black History Month means to me is for us as a human race to reflect on the wrong doings of those who came before us. It is an opportunity look back at the struggles, sacrifices and perseverance of some as well as the cruelty and unfairness of others when surrounding the topic of racial inequity and social justice. This being that one day we as a human race can learn from these situations and right our wrongs.”

The rest of the CASA executive (Mickael – PR, Renee – Treasurer, Jenny- President of CASA and Dorit-Lynn – Co-lead)
Black History Month is an opportunity to educate people who are unfortunately afraid of the unknown. It is a way to highlight the many contributions of people of colour which often times goes unnoticed and reassert the often neglected contributions of Black Africans, who helped build up not only America but the Americas. As a result, Black History Month is a time to acknowledge the hardship and struggles that blacks have and continuously face.”

During this important time we are reminded of some very famous words uttered by Martin Luther King Jr. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” We are all charged with taking a stand against injustice, racial insensitivity and general indifference not only during this important month but every day of our lives.

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