Dear Future Gaiters

Education isn’t something you can finish; it’s something that will forever shape you, challenge you, and inspire you. Here at Bishop’s University, we believe that a liberal arts education will not only influence you within the next four years, but more importantly, will prepare you for life beyond the classroom.

In my first year of university, I had no idea that a seemingly random liberal arts course called “Space, Place and the Human Experience” would utterly change my perspective and make me question how I view others and myself in relation to my surroundings. I know it may sound insignificant, but that one class affected the way I thought about every other course I took — including Biology and Rock Music 101. That’s the beauty behind Bishop’s; no matter what you end up studying it will develop your critical thinking skills, allow you to broaden your interests, open your eyes to new subjects that you didn’t know you loved, and in the end it will somehow all connect.

It’s hard not to feel like a member of something bigger than yourself when you become a Gaiter. Embrace it. At Bishop’s, you’re not just a number. When you choose to be a part of our community, the administration will support you, your professors will become your mentors, and you’ll create bonds with fellow students who will influence your life forever.

But not everything can be learned inside a classroom. Luckily for you, Bishop’s small community fosters an environment that encourages its students to break outside of their comfort zone and explore their interests. Whether you choose to join one of our 60 unique clubs, run for a Student Representative Council position, volunteer for student led academic conferences, study abroad, join a varsity sports team, ski or hike the beautiful surrounding mountains and trails, or just take a stab at performing during Acoustic Tuesdays at the Lion, Bishop’s has a place for you. You will meet people from all around the country — even the world, and yet, somehow, you will all feel like Gaiters.

Finishing up my last semester at Bishop’s as an English: Film, Media, and Cultural Studies major, I can’t help but look back at all the opportunities I was able to take advantage of throughout the years. I became a member and now Co-Lead the Women’s Volleyball Club, studied abroad in England, volunteered at the biggest English undergraduate conference in the country (QUEUC), and I edited this magazine. When I first walked through those arches that stand in the entrance of the Quad, I had no idea what was waiting for me, but now I smile knowing that these past four years were so much more than I imagined. So here’s my advice to you: take advantage of all that this university has to offer. Apply for scholarships that allow you to travel the world while studying subjects in your field, ask the embarrassing question during a lecture that you want to learn more about, sit next to someone you don’t know in Dewies, dance at Happy Hour, campaign to be the student President, and take a liberal arts class! Bishop’s provides its students with all the necessary tools to succeed on and off campus. Now it’s just up to you make the most of it.

I am proud to Bleed Purple.

I am proud to be a Gaiter.

Now let me show you why you should be too.

Olivia Provencher-Hennedy
Honours English Major; French Minor
Hometown: Biddeford Pool, Maine USA

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