Getting to Know Bishop’s – Meet Doug McCooeye

Getting to know your #Ubishops community is a must if you wish to fully immerse yourself into the BUbble! We decided to help you out by conducting monthly interviews with staff and faculty that contribute to the school’s success. This month we had the opportunity to talk to Doug McCooeye, Manager of Student Recruitment, Admissions and Student Exchange at Bishop’s University.


Doug McCooeye, Manager Student Recruitment, Admissions and Student Exchange


Favourite book of all-time?
Anything by Malcolm Gladwell, but “Blink” and “Outliers” in particular.

Favourite group or singer?
Sam Cooke. I’m Old School. I challenge you to find me a voice with more heart and soul. Pure.

Favourite movie of all-time?
Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood. Morgan Freeman. Old West. Revenge. So good.

Favourite spot on campus?
A packed Mitchell Gymnasium during a close basketball game.

Favourite spot off-campus (Eastern Townships)?
The peak of Mount Orford.

Favourite #Ubishops moment?
Meeting my wife during my first year. We have been married for seven years and have four kids.

Describe #Ubishops in three words.
Community. Inspiring. Home.

If you had to switch jobs with someone on campus, what would it be and why?
I have the best job on campus, so why would I switch? I get to talk to students, faculty, staff, and future students and their families about an institution I love and believe in. Also, the Head Basketball coach.

Doug during Open House at Bishop’s – March 2018

If you had to join a club or student group on campus, what would it be and why?
Model UN. I never did it when I was a student and the more I hear about it, it seems like something I really would’ve enjoyed being a part of.
Learn more about the UN Practicum on our website!

If you had to go back to school, which program would you pick and why?
Economics. It’s fun seeing and projecting how the world works and why people do what they do. Would’ve helped me in my current role for sure. Also Math, because you get to learn all the cool Math in University.

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