Getting To Know Bishop’s: Meet Dr. Estelle Chamoux

Getting to know your #Ubishops community is a must if you wish to fully immerse yourself into the BUbble! We decided to help you out by conducting monthly interviews with staff and faculty that contribute to the school’s success. This month we had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Estelle Chamoux, Full Professor in the Biological Sciences Department.

Dr. Estelle Chamoux (Biological Sciences)

Favourite book of all-time? 
Le marin de Gibraltar, by Marguerite Duras. It was a totally unexpected discovery when I was about 17 years old, on a ski vacation, and I had nothing left to read. I went to the depanneur and randomly bought this book. I probably re-read it twenty times now!  

Favourite group or singer?
Renaud – a French singer. A little bit of a has-been, but I do still love him. My musical tastes are pretty kitsch… I like old singers like Joe Dassin or Charles Aznavour! 

Favourite movie of all-time?
Certainly, Rouge Baiser, a French film on political divergences between a right-wing journalist and a young communist activist during the cold war. Of course, they fall in love, and the historical and political context renders the story extremely rich and thrilling.  

Favourite spot on campus?
It used to be the banks under the majestic trees in front of the student building. Now it’s been supplanted in my heart by the new Library Learning Commons!  

Library Learning Commons

Favourite spot off-campus?
La Mare aux Diables, a micro-brewery located in downtown Sherbrooke where I like to go even though I don’t drink beer. The owner always keeps a wine bottle so that I can enjoy the place and the food with my friends! 

Favourite #Ubishops moment?
I have a lot of good moments, but the best ones occur at Convocation. It is very moving to see my students graduate and celebrate that moment where the world recognizes the amazing work they achieved. Seeing them get a bit closer to their dream goals is such a poignant moment. It makes me feel so proud of them! 

Convocation at Bishop’s University

Describe #Ubishops in three words. 
Warmth, Enthusiasm, Professionalism 

If you had to switch jobs with someone on campus, what would it be and why? 
I love my job so much… I don’t feel like switching with anyone! Unless I could become a student (I guess I could, haha).

If you had to join a club or student group on campus, what would it be and why? 
Running and triathlon club. I ran with them several times in the past, and we co-organized cool things. We had several Bishop’s teams at Sherbrooke’s aquathlon (a run-swim-run event). I participated in a virtual running journey at the beginning of the pandemics (we accumulated kilometers on Instagram to totalize a Montreal-Quebec distance, for instance). We had a lot of fun! 

If you had to go back to school, which program would you pick and why? 
Oh my… so many exciting programs! I think I’d like to cherry-pick courses instead of doing a full program. Probably something along the lines of drawing/graphic design/animation/video and computer sciences to improve my skills in this field. I’d also very much like to learn a new language, like Japanese or Arabic languages.  

To learn more about the Biological Sciences Department, please visit our website.

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