Getting to Know Bishop’s – Meet Eliza McKnight

Getting to know your #Ubishops community is a must if you wish to fully immerse yourself into the BUbble! We decided to help you out by conducting monthly interviews with staff and faculty that contribute to the school’s success. This month we had the opportunity to talk to Eliza McKnight, Reference Librarian.

Reference Librarian Eliza McKnight

Favourite book of all-time?
The Diviners by Margaret Laurence. While completing my undergraduate degree here at Bishop’s I decided to take a spring session course on a whim. I think it was called Canadian Short Story. Dr. Shawn Malley was the prof and he had assigned the class Laurence’s A Bird in the House. I was immediately hooked and had a thirst for everything Margaret Laurence. This led to me deciding to stay at Bishop’s a fourth year in order to add a minor in English Literature to my psych degree.

Favourite group or singer?
I hate having to pick but if I have to I’ll go with Aerosmith. Or Bob Marley. Or Janis Joplin. Or Missy Elliott.

Favourite movie of all-time?
This is hard too. I guess Mamma Mia. No wait, Pretty Woman…and E.T.

Favourite spot on campus?
The Library of course!

Favourite spot off-campus (Eastern Townships)?
On or in Lake Massawippi. Swimming, kayaking or boating.

Favourite #Ubishops moment?
The first time I participated in the academic procession at convocation after being hired as a faculty member. The graduating class walked through the faculty on their way into the ceremony and we all parted to make way for them while giving them a huge round of applause. It was a moving experience. I saw students I knew had struggled but had worked hard to get to this moment. Knowing I had a small hand in helping them succeed – however small – was incredibly satisfying. I felt proud of each and every one of the students and also genuinely sad that I wouldn’t be seeing them around campus anymore. So many emotions at convocation!

Describe #Ubishops in three words.
Small. Unique. Home.

If you had to switch jobs with someone on campus, what would it be and why?
I would switch with some of our recruiters. Traveling all around the world while talking about the Bishop’s experience sounds like a great gig to me! But I would miss the Library and the people in it.

If you had to join a club or student group on campus, what would it be and why?
I was a member of Big Buddies when I was a student at Bishop’s and it was incredibly rewarding. Now that I’m raising a child of my own, I often reflect on the memories I have of time spent with my little buddy.

If you had to go back to school, which program would you pick and why?
Biology. I have never taken a course in the natural sciences and I regret it.

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