Happy 50th Anniversary “Raise a Toast!”

We sang it throughout our Frosh Week. We sing it at football games. Gaiters know this song like it’s on the back of their hands.  Although, we have it memorized within our first week on campus, none of us really know the history behind the song until today.

On a cold night in February 1964 during the annual Winter Carnival, four students—John Piper ’65, the late Doug Tees ’65, Ace Henderson ’65 and John Martland ’64—sang the song as part of a musical with a local orchestra and later cut a record of it.

Today, February 20th, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Raise a Toast song. Big thanks to John Piper ’65,  Doug Tees ’65, Ace Henderson ’65 and John Martland ’64 for creating one of Bishop’s most beloved traditions!

Until next time, Gaiters!


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