Alumni Magazine May 2021

Gemma Camara

Bishop’s prides itself in creating research opportunities for its undergraduate students.  Gemma Camara is one of them.  A third-year Neuroscience student minoring in Environmental Studies, Gemma participated in the Neurodegenerative Diseases: Biology and Therapeutics meeting organized by the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory (CSHL) in December 2020. During the meeting, Gemma presented her research findings on, “The relationship between cognitive scores and detection of specific odours in the elderly”. CHSL is a leading international center for research and education and presenting at their meetings is a considerable achievement for anyone in the field! This event also gave her the opportunity to connect with other researchers.

Gemma recalled: “During the first night’s social event, one of the professors from Stanford asked me if I had applied to Stanford. I never thought to push myself to be a part of any of the “Ivy Leagues” before, but his question made me think about the limitations I’ve set for myself. The sky’s the limit, and there are tons of great universities looking to take on smart ambitious students who are hardworking and who put themselves out there.”

Gemma is a promising student researcher interested in olfactory function and post-concussion effects on the brain. For her current research project, she is working under the supervision of Dr. Rona Graham at Université de Sherbrooke and Dr. Jonathan Carriere from the B.U. Department of Psychology. Gemma is also involved in B.U. school life as the current environmental sustainability representative, former leader of the Environmental Club, and former co-lead of the Running Club.

“Bishop’s University has helped me become the person I am today. The community helps foster growth, for those seeking it. I have always set ambitious goals for myself; I was never told “no, that’s unfeasible” but rather redirected. Both Bishop’s and Université de Sherbrooke have enabled me to enter the field as a student researcher. My research project has allowed me to put into practice what I have learned at Bishop’s.”

“The Psychology Department at Bishop’s has great faculty that have gone the extra mile to adapt their teaching methods. Notably, Dr. Jasmeen Sidhu and Dr. Courtney Plante are two of the many professors who have continuously taken a modern approach to their teaching methods.” Gemma concluded, “I could not possibly mention all the mentors we have at Bishop’s, it is a community, and everyone contributes differently. Whichever university I next attend, Bishop’s will always be home in my heart.”

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