The B.U. Uniform – Finding your Gaiter Vibes

Ever wonder how to dress once you get to university? One of our favorite ways to show spirit is through what we wear. Self expression is encouraged here, and as you will soon see, we Gaiters have our own brand of fashion. Find your fit with your own uniform and to inspire you here are some of the best and most creative outfits of Bishop’s students, where to buy BU apparel and some of the best dress-up events.

Putting Your Outfit Together

On campus, you can find BU apparel in the SUB at the Doolittles Co-op or at the Gaiter Store in the Sports Plex.

Show support for your program by buying merch from clubs such as the Education Club, Psych Club, BU Snow, or BUCS— keeps an eye out for their gear, they’re usually limited edition! Bottoms Up BU is a student-created brand that you can check out on Instagram!

If you’re looking for something unique or trying to be eco-friendly, go thrift shopping! You never know what you’ll find and it’s a great time with friends.

Must Haves

  • A fur coat to keep yourself warm and chic for any occasion in our cold Canadian Winter
  • A Bishop’s sweater, cozy for everyday wear and showing your BU pride
  • Purple sunglasses, the perfect touch to any outfit
  • Casual sneakers for walking around campus or dancing all night long
  • Rain gear to tackle the large puddles and keep you dry during flood season
  • One formal/business attire outfit because you never know when you’ll go to a fancy event or have an interview

Want to get crafty? You can buy supplies at Dollarama or Michael’s. Try some accessories to give your look an extra touch: headbands, purple face paint, rhinestone stickers, boas, a fanny pack, or sunglasses are some fun ways to complete your outfit.

Popular Themes

  • Tropical-vacation ready in Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, and leis
  • Canadian tuxedo—think Britney and Justin at the 2001 AMA’s (all denim)
  • Country-a cowboy hat, boots, and plaid
  • Yacht club-primp into your preppiest ensemble to party like Blair and Chuck
  • Decades—from your disco and hippie gear to the 2000s
  • Neon-glow in your brightest colored clothing
  • Jersey—rep your favorite team
  • Holiday—find your ugly sweaters, wrap yourself like a present, or don in red and green

Classic Events

Move-in day and Homecoming: wear your best purple attire and anything BU

O-week: get in theme and make sure to dress your finest at the closing ceremonies

Make it purple and make it fun for o-week.

Halloweekend: bring at least 3 costumes and have a onesie to rock out in the cold at Animal House

Gait Gatsby: party like it’s 1920 in everything that sparkles, shines, and shimmies

Winterfest: break out your 80’s snowsuits, pompom hats, and winter boots to dance in the Quad all day (and even more layers for at night)

Winterfest outfits can be boiled down to purple snowsuits

St. Patrick’s: the one day Bishop’s doesn’t bleed purple—get green in your most lucky getup

That about wraps it up. Now you know how to dress for university! Starting to see purple yet!!!!

Love ya.

Carly P

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