Why you should attend Bishop’s Open House!

Twice a year, Bishop’s University opens its doors to visitors so they could get fully immersed in the full #Ubishops experience. We could give you a thousand reasons as to why you should attend one of our Open House events, but we thought it would be fun to ask students to tell us what makes Open House so insightful and exciting! Meet Bradley, Virginia and Aline, who #BleedPurple ever since they first set foot on our majestic and welcoming campus. 

According to Bradley, Student Ambassadors rock big time. 

Calling all Purple-Bleeders!
As we near the Bishop’s University Open House, I wanted to reach out to all of you and say how important it is to attend if you want to get a great, hands-on impression of the University.  When I was a prospective student (much like yourselves) the one thing that sold me on attending Bishop’s (above all else) was the chance to tour the campus with a Student Ambassador.  The Student Ambassador team is comprised of current students who have had the opportunity to experience all that Bishop’s has to offer.  They are able to give you the inside scoop at how things run at the university level.  Discover all the best places to study, eat, and get involved. Explore the many activities and academic opportunities available to you when you attend this beautiful university.  Don’t miss out on the chance to meet our dear Principal Goldbloom or for that free lunch at Dewhurst’s Dining Hall (or, as we call it, “Dewies”)!  There are so many adventures awaiting exploration at Bishop’s; take up the call, and join us as a fellow Purple-Bleeder!

Hope to see you all here during Open House!

Bradley McDermid
Honours in Literature; Film & Media Studies Minor
Gatineau, Québec

Virginia fell in love with the freedom to explore different avenues of study and the opportunities to get involved. 

Hey future Gaiters!
If I could recommend anything to you on the day of the Open House, it would be attending the Academic and Student Services Fairs. When I came to the Open House, I was still unsure which program I was interested in. I wanted to do everything! But having the opportunity to talk to professors and students from both the Education and English programs really sold me on them (and Bishop’s too)! I discovered all the amazing opportunities I’d have in both programs, such as QUEUC (the Quebec University English Undergraduate Conference where, even as an undergraduate student, you’re able to present your research), and the opportunity to be able to go into schools in your first year in Education! At the Student Services Fair, I was also able to learn about all the amazing services we have on campus, from residence information, to counselling, to clubs, and much MUCH more! Experiencing everything there was to see on campus really allowed me to picture myself as a student here, and I hope you are able to as well.

Get everything you can out of our Open House event, and hopefully, we’ll see you next year!

See you later, alli-GAITER!
Virginia Larose
Double Major Secondary Education and English
Gatineau, QC

Aline has purple taste buds thanks to Dewies.

Hello future Gaiters!Why should you come to our open house? DEWIES! Dewhurst Dining Hall (aka Dewies) is the on campus cafeteria that is buffet-style with unlimited dining! The food is honestly amazing! Whether you’re in the mood for a healthy salad, a grilled cheese burger, a crepe, a stir fry – it has everything! What’s even more amazing is that, during Open House, you get to enjoy a free meal there!

Come on down! Wear purple! And enjoy a meal at Dewies and try their famous cookies!

Aline Pierrisnard
Double Major in English Literature and Sociology
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