13 Reasons to Love Bishop’s in the Summer

Have you ever wondered what happens at #Ubishops during the summer? Over the past few months, we decided to share 13 reasons to love Bishop’s during this beautiful season over on Facebook and Instagram. Now that it’s coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to reminisce about all the memories we’ve made this summer before the academic year starts!

1. Summer Spirit

One thing that lingers ever in our hearts is the school spirit and pride that comes with being a Gaiter. There is no one season to bleed purple. The countdown to the fall semester is on, and we can’t wait to have you all back!


2. BUtiful Campus

This one is a given all year round. #welcometoourcrib


3. Amazing Faculty & Staff

One of the best things about Bishop’s is how you are so much more than a number to your professors; they genuinely want to see you, [insert your name here], succeed. That said, they’re hard at work even in the summer, teaching crazy cool classes and getting ready for your arrival in the fall!


4. Sports and Rec

Though it might be off season for the Gaiters, summer on campus is a great time to finally hit that hole-in-one you’ve been dreaming of, beat your lap record in the pool, or just unwind and throw a Frisbee on Coulter.


5. Changing Gears (Literally)

Did you know that there’s a bike path that goes straight through Bishop’s? If you’re looking for ways to stay active on campus during the warmer months, this one is the perfect ways to explore Lennoxville and the surrounding areas while getting a workout in! Exceptionally for the months of August and September, the Route Verte will be accessible through an official detour through town due to the installation of lights on the path.


6. Artistic Expression

There is no shortage of artistic inspiration here at Bishop’s, especially when campus is in full bloom!


7. Proximity to Sherbrooke

Only a 15 minute ride away, there’s always something to do or somewhere to go in downtown Sherbrooke. Food, festivals, museums, activities: there’s something for everyone! #sherbylove


Check out what students and alumni have recommended:

  • River
  • Bishop’s University
  • Boutique Kitch
  • Lac des Nations. Great for runners and outdoors lovers!
  • Maison du Cinéma
  • Sports Centre
  • Johnville bog
  • Library Learning Commons
  • Mont Bellevue
  • Palais des Sports Léopold Drolet
  • La Gorge de la rivière Magog and its pretty waterfalls
  • Bike paths in Sherbrooke are amazing. Plenty of spots for a nice picnic too!
  • Carrefour de l’Estrie
  • Wellington Street
  • Downtown Lennoxville
  • Saint Michel Basilica Cathedral
  • L2D in Lennox

8. Mighty Massawippi

Still haven’t made it out on the water this summer and dying to go? Summer’s not over yet! Check out Destination Sherbrooke’s Corridor Bleu for all the information you need to get kayaking or paddle boarding at
https://www.destinationsherbrooke.com/fr/visiteurs/quoi-faire/le-corridor-bleu .


9. Location, Location, Location!

Being at the heart of the Eastern Townships means that our campus is surrounded by amazing landscapes. Here are some of the best places to explore, all within an hour’s drive from campus:


10. Eco Initiatives

We may be a small university, but we’re doing everything we can to have a big impact when it comes to the environment. This doesn’t stop during the summer, especially when there are bees to take care of! Curious to know what else is happening on campus? Check out the Sustainable Development Action Group’s page at http://ubishops.ca/sdag or the Sustainable Development Projects page at


11. Foodie Scene

It’s hard to get hangry when there are so many great places to eat around Bishop’s. Check out what other students and alumni have recommended:

  • La Folle Théière. They serve the most delicious vegan meals!
  • Captain Grec
  • Brûleries Faro – Best chai latte I’ve ever had!
  • Bistro Kaapeh (right next door in the Champlain building!)
  • Shogun Sushi
  • Pizzaville for breakfast or Chinese
  • Dewies (classic!)
  • McDonald’s Drive Thru on foot at 2:30 on a Thursday night
  • Louis Luncheonette. Locals says their poutine is the best!
  • Le Snack (because our province loves its poutine)
  • Chez Charlie with their 24h breakfast
  • Shalimar (right down Queen street for some great Indian food)
  • The Lion on wing night
  • Siboire Microbrewery
  • Tim Hortons
  • OMG Burger offers a wonderful selection of burgers
  • Boulangerie Les Vraies Richesses – a nice place to chat
  • Jerry’s pizza for any and all occasion (great Greek food!)
  • Church free dinners (organized by Encounter Bishop’s)
  • Tapageur (all kinds of tapas)
  • Café Blabla is worth the bus ride! And you can catch a movie right beside.
  • Rima’s (right on Queen street for some Lebanese)
  • Subway
  • Guacamole & Tequila (did you guess Mexican?)
  • Sebby’s Pub and Grill (another one right down Queen)
  • Starbucks
  • Cacao 70 (for all your chocolate cravings)
  • Shaker bar
  • Cantine 75. Best fast food in Quebec hands down!
  • Antidote Foodlab

12. Awesome Summer Classes

School’s not quite out for the summer. Summer classes are a great way to lighten your course load during the year, earn missing credits, or just have a great time learning something new!


13. Recharging for the Fall

To conclude our list, our thirteenth reason is the sum of all of the reasons above. Summer is a great time to unwind, recharge, and get ready to kick things into gear come September. Here’s what some other students are excited about for this coming year:

  • Move in Day
  • Orientation Week
  • Homecoming
  • Meeting new people!
  • Rugby
  • All the new things that are waiting for me (welcome new Gaiters!)
  • Halloweekend
  • Being back in Lennoxville with all the friends I’ve made!
  • The snow!
  • The purple family
  • Coming back as an alum!

Want even more reasons to love summer at Bishop’s? Head over to our Instagram page and check out our Stories Highlight! We added more behind-the-scenes content and quizzes to test your knowledge of Bishop’s! http://instagram.com/ubishops

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