Top 19 Sherbrooke and Lennoxville Must-Sees

Sherbrooke and Lennoxville are a great mix of both urban and rural settings. We have amazing nature trails, golf courses, and ski hills, but only a ten-minute bus ride away is Sherbrooke, a lively city with museums, shopping, restaurants, concert halls, and so much more. So, no matter your style, you will find something fun to do any day of the week. Don’t believe us? Bishop’s student Laurence Faucher-Giguère has provided 19 Must-Visit places in Sherbrooke and Lennoxville that will provide you with hours of fun, culture, good food, and time with friends.

Bishop’s student Laurence Faucher-Giguère

The Golden Lion Pub
I don’t think you can say you have really attended Bishop’s until you’ve been to a Wings Wednesday or an Acoustic Tuesday at the Lion. Every night at the Lion is its own special night. This pub is right in the middle of Lennoxville, and they even craft their own beer! You’ll know the Lion from its bright yellow exterior (not to mention the delicious pub-food smells wafting from it as you walk by)!

Pizzaville is one of the best restaurants in Lennoxville, where you can order breakfast ANY time of day! At night, you can enjoy some yummy Asian food, or even an extra cheesy poutine. Pizzaville is popular any day of the week, but the time you will find the place packed is on Sunday mornings, when students reminisce about the events of their weekend.

North Hatley
If it’s good enough for Hillary and Bill Clinton it must be good enough for us (Hillary and her family spent two weeks on vacation in North Hatley during the summer of 2017)! North Hatley is a picturesque town located 15 minutes away by car, or a 45-minute bike ride from a trail located right on campus! You can visit antique stores, eat delicious ice cream, and relax on the public beach.

Coaticook is a town famous for its self-named ice cream! You can visit the ice cream and cheese factory, and take some cheese to go! You can also enjoy a nice walk in the park where the Coaticook Gorge, one of the longest suspended bridges, is located. It’s even open at night for Foresta Lumina: a magnificent lightshow.

Escaparium Sherbrooke
One of Sherbrooke’s newest places for fun, the Escaparium is a fun, immersive entertainment concept fit for all-ages. It is a real-life escape game designed for small groups of 3 to 8 players. While the goal is simple, the game is challenging yet extremely exciting. Getting through the escape room will require finding clues, solving puzzles and working together. Find out more about Escaparium on their website.

Mount Pinacle
A Bishop’s classic! Mount Pinacle is a nice day hike right next to the States border. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the spectacular view. Tip: go in the fall when the leaves are changing colours — it’s even better!

Brûlerie FARO
Need to study in a nice and cozy environment? Faro has got you covered! Located right in Lennoxville, you can enjoy their homemade baked goods and their delicious coffee from morning till night time… time flies there!

Sher-Mont Bowling and Billiard Hall
Want a night out with friends? Go bowling on Friday night! From 10 pm, it’s $14 (shoes included), and you can bowl all you want, all night long (accompanied by some killer tunes, of course)!

Shogun Sushi
My favourite food place in Sherbrooke! All you can eat sushi…need I say more?

Mont Bellevue
Mont Bellevue Park is a great place to be if you love the outdoors. Located right in Sherbrooke, you can enjoy snowshoeing and skiing in the winter, hiking, mountain biking and archery in the summer! It’s a great de-stresser in between classes, assignments and exams.

Apple Picking
In fall, when the leaves are changing colours from those vibrant greens to ambers and reds, there’s no better place to be than Estrie! You can go apple picking at Verger le Gros Pierre, and enjoy those last days of warm weather.

Sugar Shack
Spring is my favourite season, because it’s time for sugar shacks! There are multiple sugar shacks close to Bishop’s, where you can enjoy an excellent dinner with lots of maple syrup, one of the specialities of Quebec. Sugar shacks are where the sap is collected from the sugar maple and boiled into that marvellous maple syrup that you can pour all over your meal! YUM!

Vertige Escalade
This is not your typical rock-climbing venue! It was built inside an old, renovated church. Multiple levels are available to offer you the challenge you desire and, on top of that, the atmosphere is always really friendly. Visit their website for more info!

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Lac des Nations
This lake is located in Sherbrooke, and it’s where a lot of festivals take place during the summer. The lake is surrounded by a path so you can go running there, or just appreciate a nice, relaxing walk. You can even see fireworks at night!

Granada Theatre
Enjoy your favourite artists with renowned acoustics and amazing architecture.

Multiple Bike Paths
There are two bike paths that leave directly from the Bishop’s campus. One heads towards Sherbrooke, and the other to North Hatley. Don’t forget your bike on move-in day, so you can enjoy a pleasant bike ride, and have a blast at either destination. Don’t have a bike? You can rent one at Paterson Hall, thanks the Gaiter Gears program!

Bike paths on Lac des Nations

Drive-In Theatre
What is better than driving to the cinema, parking your car, and watching a movie from a gigantic screen with the comfort of pillows and blankets? Located 30 minutes from Bishop’s, it’s a great evening activity, especially during Halloween!

States / Jay Peak
With the American border only 45 minutes away, there is no excuse not to visit our neighbours in the south and even enjoy a ski day at Jay Peak! You will always find students driving there on weekends to enjoy their amazing slopes, and they even opened an indoor water park!

Wellington Street
Spanning the entirety of downtown Sherbrooke, Wellington Street is one of the prettiest streets I have found in Sherbrooke. It is always alive with multiple bars and restaurants, and during the nighttime in winter, you can enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights that are hung throughout the streets.

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