Eco-week 2022: Bishop’s Green Clubs

Outdoors Club member during a birdwatching activity

Interested in sustainability and environmental causes? For eco-week 2022, meet like-minded people by getting involved with these four great clubs, right here on campus:  

BU Environmental Club  

The environmental club is a student-led club that organizes activities and events about environmental issues on campus. They promote sustainable lifestyles and educate the community through workshops and activities about transportation, waste, and responsible consumption. 

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The SAFS Club  

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems club is an academic club with ties to the SAFS program. Its goals are to promote local food consumption, ecological agriculture, urban gardening and food sovereignty.   

“The SAFS club is dedicated to organizing and leading interactive and engaging projects and activities surrounding sustainable agriculture. The club promotes hands-on learning opportunities, with many events taking place at Bishop’s very own Educational Farm. Some past events hosted at the farm were apple and pear picking activities and workshops on seed saving. During the winter semester, the SAFS club makes its own maple syrup by tapping the maple trees found near the farm. All Bishop’s students are more than welcome to join in – you can pick and choose which events you would like to partake in!” 

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A frame from the Bishop’s Bees hive

Bishop’s Bees  

Bishop’s Bees is an apiculture club that promotes ecological bee-keeping practices. The students involved have the chance to experience hive management and honey extraction. The honey products are then sold at Doolittle’s.   

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B.U Outdoors Club  

A student-led club that promotes outdoor activities, including hikes, survival/camping workshops, and much more. Being frequently in contact with nature is a pillar of environmental education and care for conservation!  

“We all share the same passion for being outdoors, and it is our job to make sure that that passion does not just mean taking from the land but also giving back. We strongly commit to leave-no-trace principles on all of the trips we lead, which means minimizing our impact on the land we explore. We also recognize that the land we are so privileged to be able to explore and enjoy is the traditional and unceded territory of Indigenous peoples and that environmental justice for the Indigenous communities on these lands is a very large part in reconciliation. We are always open and committed to learning, growing, and inspiring others through these sustainably driven values that we emphasize and incorporate in all that we do,” explains club lead Cora Camire.

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If you want to learn more about the clubs, head to the SRC’s website here: