Luka Lamaj: More than a Student

Luka Lamaj is a 2nd year Biochemistry student from Albania, but he is more than just a student at Bishop’s University. Besides studying, Luka is the founder of three innovative projects: Cool Historians, Docere App, and Lavel NFT.

Cool Historians — Luka’s first project — is a podcast inspired by his childhood passion for history. In this podcast, he talks about different histories from all over the world in a short, simple, yet engaging format to turn history from the perceived boring into “cool” for the public. So far, Luka has launched 25 episodes, which have been heard in 38 countries. Thanks to this project, Luka even had the opportunity of appearing on three Albanian National Television Channels. He hopes this is only the beginning for Cool Historians as he envisions creating the largest community of history-lovers on all social media platforms; with the current growth rate of the podcast, he believes that this will be very soon.

Luka’s largest project is Docere, in which he is co-founder and CEO. This project was inspired by a visit to the hospital in 2021, when he noticed the long wait times that needed a solution. Docere, a tech start-up, is a communication platform for doctors and patients, which allows medical examinations to be executed online, rather than in-person, to avoid the long wait lines. The app features 3D body graphs, cryptocurrency payments, maps of doctor’s offices, and more.

Through the creation of Docere, Luka has already seen success, winning third place in a Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship competition as well as being included in the World Business Angel Investment Forum. For the future, Luka’s goal is to own the entire Canadian market and enter the US market, with a meta-world for doctors and patients, and appointments made with virtual reality.

His most recent project, Lavel NFT is founded with his brother and inspired by his Albanian heritage. This special project seeks to bring innovation not only to Albania, but also to the Balkans market because of inauguration of the term, non-fungible token (NFT), to the Balkans. Luka and his brother anticipate Lavel NFT has a great chance of becoming successful because of the modernity of NFTs and its current trend.

And how has he achieved all of this already? Luka mentions a major tool has been his ecosystem at Bishop’s University. The small classes, not often found at other universities, allow him to talk to professors and receive specialized advice and support. Luka specifically emphasizes the support of Bishop’s Dr. Agostino Menna, an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at the Williams School of Business, as just one of the professors that helped him in the progress of his ventures. He was also able to utilize the Dobson Lagassé Entrepreneurship Center at Bishop’s and present Docere in his entrepreneurship class.

Luka Lamaj presenting the Docere App in his entrepreneurship class.

While Luka recognizes the difficulty of balancing life as a student and entrepreneur, he wants to encourage everyone to purse their passions, especially at the age, place, and time to make a difference. As Luka encourages,

“you are a Bishop’s student. Take this opportunity to showcase all your talent: join clubs, talk to professors, take classes outside of your major of study, and most importantly, take risks, because it is the perfect time to take risks.”

Check out more about Luka Lamaj on his Instagram (@luka_lamaj) and his Linkedin. Also check out his bio on The Path.

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