Fannie Gaudette – Educator & Performer 

Fannie Gaudette, contract faculty member and Music Department accompanist, is launching a professional music career, fulfilling a long-time aspiration while also using her professional and academic connections within the University.  

Many of the Music Department’s faculty were touring career musicians before becoming professors, including the current Chair of the Department, Dr. Mathieu Désy, and Dr. Osmun remains an active musician, performing at recitals while also doing research. Fannie is taking the path in reverse.  

She recently released her first album, L’invention humaine, in 2021 and performed a streamed concert at Place des Arts in March of 2022. In recording her album, she met other creative professionals in the industry, opening more creative opportunities in new genres. When she was recording her album, Philip Donegan asked Fannie to write an arrangement of one of her pieces for his album, and now she has a professional arrangement career. She had composed arrangements for years as part of her role in the Bishop’s Music Department. 

Fannie attributes these opportunities to the small community of Bishop’s. When she first came to the University, she simply hoped to teach classical piano. Unfortunately, there were already two piano teachers ahead of her, so she sought out other opportunities. She got involved with the choir and large productions in the Drama Department, her work at Bishop’s being an educational experience preparing her with the skills she would need to conceptualize and realize an album of music from start to finish. 

Her work at Bishop’s contributes towards improving students’ chances of success as independent artists, not just in what she teaches them, which is ear training and other musicianship skills, but in the non-musical aspects that come with being a professional musician. She seeks to increase the songwriting and recording abilities of students in the Department. She incorporates lessons from both her music and academic careers to better guide students when they move on from her classes. 

“I tell my students: everything costs money. As an independent artist, you’re paying the promoting, the musicians, and the technicians. Someone must write arrangements. Having recorded an album, now I have a better vision. I can tell students: take some Art Administration classes or digital imaging, because you need to be able to promote yourself.” 

Fannie Gaudette

Fannie’s future projects include a second album, recording the piano soundtrack for an upcoming local documentary, and going on tour for her first album. 

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