A photo of Bishop's Library and gazebo. It's a bright and sunny day.
Two years ago I graduated from high school in France and then immediately entered La Sorbonne. Everything was going fine but I didn’t find my place there: something was missing. I slowly stopped going to lectures and finally dropped out after four months of college. But even if La Sorbonne wasn’t for me, I still...
Homesick? You’re not alone. Feeling homesick is something many students studying outside of their hometown might experience. I, on the one hand, can confirm that this feeling occurs to me on a general basis. But, truth be told, I loved being far away from home in my first year of university. I am originally from...
Hey future gaiters, welcome to Bishop’s! Let’s start from the beginning.  Moving day was probably the day I was dreading the most. Leaving my room, my family, and my home was stressful, but trust me on this, it’s the start of an adventure. If I think back to my first twenty-four hours on campus, I...

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