March 7, 2024
McGreen and tree in bloom
I had always yearned to escape city life, but the bonds with friends, family, and familiarity tethered me to my urban abode. The prospect of going away for university and to Bishop’s felt like a golden ticket to make that dream come true. Here’s how it happened.   The Golden Ticket   I remember the day I...
From Gopher to Gaiter
“Why Bishop’s?”  I have heard it countless times.   The question goes further than just being a tab on the University’s website. There are just about 3,000 students and everyone has a unique story behind their “why,” including myself.  For one year and one year only, I was at the University of Minnesota (UMN). From the...
Snowy entry near the arch
Switching out seafood for poutine  All my life, I knew I wanted to travel quite far to go to university. I love my small hometown, but I needed to get out of rural Nova Scotia to see what else was out there. I had never heard of Bishop’s before, but I was drawn to its...
Lake view
When I finally decided it was time to do something with my life and get a better education, I never thought that I could’ve, especially without a high school diploma. Going to university was never a possibility for me. Well, turns out I was wrong. When I was living in Edmonton, Alberta, I had a...
Students sitting on lawn
Embracing creativity and unleashing potential  What I found most challenging as an aspiring artist was to take the step to register for an undergraduate program in Fine Arts. It may sound silly, but it felt like a bold move, a self-affirming statement that was difficult to make for a blooming art enthusiast.   There are many...
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