Homesickness, Living Away from Home and How I Made Bishop’s my New Home

For many students, university will be a first experience away from home. On top of managing classes and a new social scene, adjusting to this new environment can be overwhelming and often, caught up in the whirlwind, we don’t take the time to acknowledge and process it. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you make this transition easier!

In the midst of trying to form new relationships, we sometimes have a tendency to neglect preexisting ones. Maintaining relationships at home can be as simple as a text, phone call or video chat, whether spontaneous or planned. It always helps you feel closer when you are updated and current on each other’s lives. Put a face to the new names your talking about by sharing photos! Bring things from home to add to your room for a sense of familiarity. For family and friends back home, you can let your loved one know you’re thinking of them by sending a care package; something as small as their favorite snack, a letter or some gloves to keep them warm will really make their day. If you’re considering entertaining visitors on campus, think about aligning your trip with one of our events such as Homecoming or Winterfest, to give your visitors a true and thrilling Bishop’s experience!

While preserving your roots it’s important not to get caught up in the feelings of homesickness or you will miss out on finding your space in your new home. Bishop’s is brimming with ways to meet new people and make your own family, whether it’s during Orientation Week, at a club, in class or from residence, we are known for our warm community and as accepting individuals. From having movie nights, to homework sessions, to family dinners, to dance parties in your rooms, you’ll find a home with your people soon enough.

There are times where you can feel alone, but no one is an island here. Reach out to the available resources: it can be your RA, our student services or a trusted professor, you are cared for right here at home. In addition, we now have walk-in counselling sessions in the mobile unit beside the Sports Plex from Monday to Friday. If you find these feelings are affecting your academic performance, then your academic advisors, peer tutors and our career counsellor are there to support you as well!

Remember most students experience the feelings of homesickness, but once you adjust to the “BUbble” you will realize you now have two homes. Ask any upper year and they will tell you that, in the summer, you will feel yourself yearning to return to Bishop’s with the new friendships you’ve formed!

For more resources available to students on campus, please visit our Student Services webpage:

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